StartWithWCPGW is a professional consulting company that specializes in providing expert advice and solutions to semiconductor businesses of all sizes in the security industry. we are committed to delivering results that exceed our clients' expectations.


Security is a discipline that demands constant learning and requires a breadth and depth of knowledge in multiple fields. If you need help getting started with security or furthering your agenda in reducing risks, our team can assist you. Our consulting services include identifying and capturing security intent requirements, conducting architectural and design security assessments, and performing pre-silicon penetration testing, among others.


We believe in using the power question, "What Could Possibly Go Wrong?" (WCPGW), as a conversation starter and a reality check for engineering teams and for business decision makers. WCPGW helps designers, verification engineers, red-teams, and blue-teams come together in constructive discussions to assess risks and gain perspective. By asking this question, we help bring things into perspective, enabling us to provide better solutions to our clients.


We offer personalized consulting services that help businesses identify and address security risks effectively. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your security goals.


Our professional consulting services can help you with the following:

  • Identifying and capturing security intent requirements using hardware/software threat modeling for System-on-Chip (SoC), CPU, and Ips
  • Architectural and design security assessments
  • HW/SW interaction architectural and design review (asset protection, root of trust and boot sequence, trustzone, access control, cache and mmu policies)
  • Bus/interface protocol hardening
  • Security intent verification with existing EDA tools (formal/simulation/emulation)
  • EDA solutions and methodologies assessment, supply chain assessment
  • Security metrics definition
  • Threat modeling, hardware/software attack detailed analysis, risk analysis
  • Pre-silicon penetration testing
  • Training definition and development


WCPGW (what could possibly go wrong): slang use as a sarcastic or ironic response to a bad idea that would lead to obvious problems